The base of players Monster Hunter Rise began to grow rapidly

The Action Monster Hunter Rise has significantly increased the base of players after Sunbreak complement last week. The peak number of simultaneous players grew to a record high level of 231,360 players in Steam this weekend from 134,262 players per day when the addition was released on the platform, and the average 24-hour peak of about 20,000 players just a few days before the completion of 30 June 2022.

Capcom reports in a press release that more than two million copies of Sunbreak were sold in less than a week. The basic game itself feels well: ten million copies have been sold since it first appeared on Nintendo Switch in March 2021. Although the studio notes that the release of the game for the PC played a large role in achieving these numbers.

the studio also said that to date, more than 84 million copies of the entire Monster Hunter franchise have been sold. Most of these sales were on the Monster Hunter World, which is currently the Capcom record holder for the best -selling game - 21 million copies sold. This includes Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition, which is supplied with both the basic game and its addition to ICEBORNE.

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