The best Counter-Strike map 20 years later

As you know, the best Counter-Strike shooter is Dust2 and it was redone countless times over the past decades, even Valve tried to give the map of novelty. But, as it turned out, for the past few months, one cartographer has also been updating the legendary card as part of the original Counter-Strike restrictions.

in the end, it achieved the result with the name Dust 2020, the map is so amazing that it challenges the restrictions An obsolete game engine.

created by the artist Daniil Lebedev, Dust2 2020 not only updates the source map - it expands it, adding completely new routes and verticality, which were not there before. YouTuber 3kliksphilip demonstrates these new ways, but also plunges into some technical details that Lebedev reached with a very limited engine.

what the cartographer managed to carry out is frankly stunning. Instead of even the simplest reflections, he used smart layered textures to give the domed roofs a certain shine. The shadows are pre -built into textures, and the methods used to obscure monsters are converted to create oil puddles. Bridges creak from tension, and visors open when falling.

Of course, all these improvements have their own price. You will need 128 MB of RAM to start the card. But this gives a cult map a real sensation of a place that she never had - a more grandiose, more dense space, which, nevertheless, retains familiar sensations.

Dust2 2020 can be loaded to Gamebanana.

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