The city of demons will soon awaken in Revelation Online

October is already considered a terrible month for those who feel festive, but MMORPG Revelation Online will increase their bets with the Call of Demons in October, which will add a new raid, new bosses, PVP mode "capture of the flag" and much more .

The city of demons sees how its monsters awaken, so, of course, you and your allies have a rebuff. The new raid is one of the central parts of the update, designed for 10 players of level 69 and above. Four monstrous bosses stand between you and the victory of the Emperor of the Relus. Victory, and you will receive awards, including legendary equipment, illusions, cosmetics and much more.

Another raid, designed for 59 levels and higher and designed for 30 players at the same time, is the raid of the guild of elements . This dungeon is concentrated around the negative emotions of the dark side of the guard, which is reflected in five bosses of elements. This battle is intended for wider glory, because it seems that only the first five teams that will complete these tests will receive awards and titles.

with this update, a new PVP mode will also appear in the game. In Revelation Online will appear "capture of the flag" on a cross-server location. Find your team and fight for superiority.

as for cosmetics, there are 10 equipment sets that also have skills effects, although information on how they will work is still unknown. Revelation of Revelation Online has no date, but you can find out more on the official website.

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