The dark sorceress of Morgan appeared in Smite

Morgan Le Fay, a powerful sorceress from the legend of King Arthur, joined the constantly growing list of the legendary gods and goddesses Moba Smite as part of the "Dark Sorceress" update this week. She plays the role of a magician that controls the crowd capable of imposing magic buffs and using powerful AOE spells, including a dragon call, which can drop enemies.

The latest renewal also returns the amulet map To its original style of Greco-Roman art and returns the card "Classical duel."

"In the history of Smite there were many maps of the duel and duel, each of which had its own unique successes and failures. As a new experiment, we will use the Classical Stress card as a default card in ordinary and rating matches 3x3 and 1x1, "said Hi-Rez Studios developer.

" This will give two unique experience. Firstly, this is a clear gameplay and changing the balance of the modes that will create new meters and new experience. But more interesting, it creates a precedent for rotating the card in mode. The classic knightly tournament has always returned as an additional regime, which often shared the population and made it seem secondary. This time, the "classic duel" will be real in recent years! " - They explained.

there are also new skins of the gods, including three new ones for Morgan Le Fay, as well as a usual set of error corrections, balance settings and settings of objects. Full notes for updating can be found here.

In other news, Smite Hi-Rez announced the transitional military pass of Stranger Things for July, which presents skins that can turn the gods into characters from the popular Netflix series.

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