The Enlisted has reached the “Burning Sky” update

Darkflow Software released a large update for the first -person command shooter about the Second World War Enlisted, which has many new content and functions. The update, called the "flaming sky", includes a new extended editor of the missions, which will allow players to create their own multi -user missions. It also includes the new premium missile tanks, new weapons, additional missions and the new gaming mode "Confrontation."

"This mode is similar to the tug of the rope: both teams in it attack and fight for control over the sequence of control points. The capture of each point shifts the front line towards the enemy. You can win by sequentially capturing the points and squeezing the enemy from the battlefield or force the enemy to use all the reinforcement points. " And corrections of the game. Full notes for the patch can be found on the official website of the Enlisted shooter.

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