The film Borderlands is planned to be shot in Hungary

Lionsgate plans to start shooting the film Borderlands, which will be starred in Hungary. The head of Midatlantic Films Adam Goodman told this news in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, telling other projects that will be starred in a country that has become a preferred place for companies who want to start or resume shooting in the conditions of pandemia Covid-19.

"It is really wonderful that we managed to continue work, given all the problems that we have encountered since the beginning of this crisis," Gudman said. "We have opened a place for Lionsgate" Borderlands "[with Kate Blanchett and Kevin Hart in the lead roles], we shoot Jack Ryan's third season for Paramount TV and do the Marvel project, which, as usual for security purposes, I cannot talk" .

Lionsgate first announced that they are working on the film Borderlands with Arad Productions in 2015. The developer of Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software later repeatedly confirmed the development of the film in 2019. The new film again fell into the headlines of newspapers in 2020, when Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford accidentally mentioned this on Twitter.

In mid -2020, it was confirmed that Kate Blanchet will play Lilith Siren, and Craig Mazin from The series about Chernobyl will write a script.

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