The MMORPG Nine Dragons will be restarted soon

14-year-old MMORPG Nine Dragons (also known as 9dragons), will receive such a necessary review and will soon be restarted by PC via Papaya Play. Joongwon Games and Papaya Play developer work together to update the game, solve long -standing problems with the development of the character and ensure the relevance of each function.

"9dragons" - this is a fantastic retelling of the history of China of the 250th year of N. e., which presents incredible methods of martial arts of six warring clans. The characters and stories are taken from history and turn into a fascinating gameplay in the original fairy tale.

players can choose from 4 different roles, each of which has its own version of six clans. Each clan is associated with a white or black strip, and the conflict between black and white is the basis of the PVP content of the game. A difficult setting of objects adds even more ways to make your character really their own. "

interested players can first register in the game on the Papaya Play website to get a premium starting bag and an exclusive title. The trailer below demonstrates how the game looked in 2015.

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