The new Super PEOPLE Battle Shooter is prolonged by the ZBT

Fans of the Royal Battle of Royal, who are looking for new sensations, perhaps they will want to find out and take part in testing Super People, a shooter in the genre of the Royal Battle of the South Korean studio Wonder People published by Wonder Games. The game in development first appeared in Steam in August 2021 and is currently in the stage of closed beta testing.

The game presents classical matches and heroes that have special abilities that are not similar to those that in Valorant. Players will also be able to rob and collect various materials on the gaming map that they can use to create a variety of weapons and equipment.

"In Super People, you can take control of the super -soldier, each with their unique skills and special abilities . Fight with other players and survive until you become the last surviving player or detachment. In the course of the game, make your character stronger in various ways. As your character gains full strength, special abilities and higher skills are activated. "

If you are interested, you can access a closed beta test on the Super People page. You can also familiarize yourself with the new trailer of the expanded ZBT lower to get acquainted with what the game can offer.

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