The New World appeared PVP Arena 3 to 3

After several weeks of hints, the MMORPG New World is already available and includes a new episode of the Varangian Knights plot line, expeditionary mutators for "depths" and the long-awaited PVP Arena 3 on 3. The new gaming mode is open for players Level 20 and higher, and it can be accessed from anywhere in Eternum through the "modes" menu.

"Enter the arena to check your skills against other fighters! Arena 3 to 3 is a new small PVP mode in which 3 people can fight for fame and wealth. You can even win several unique interior items. Each match in the arena is the competition "Best of 5". Fight to become the first team to win 3 rounds and provide a match for your team. The rounds last for 2 minutes, but if the battle is delayed, the deadly fire ring will push the players to the center of the arena, forcing the fighters to fight or die! "

The update also represents the new PVP-vale of nitrogen and the experience of PVP which You can use to unlock awards through an updated PVP award scale. In addition, during matches, new exclusive consumables for the arena and new PVP Perki are available.

"If you find that your equipment does not support your favorite PVP Perk, do not worry," " Noted Amazon. "In each set of potions, you will find two items for perks that will allow you to create an individual PVP-dressing exactly as you like. Go ahead, adventurer! Glue your name! "

a detailed presentation of new functions and content can be found on the official New World website. You can also see the new trailer to get a review of the new PVP-Arena 3 to 3.

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