The next league in the Action Path of Exile Ultimatum

Next week, the next Action Path of Exile league should be released by Ultimatum. Grinding Gear Games talked a little about the content of the upcoming league and released an official trailer during the presentation of Ultimatum.

"The ancient Vaal civilization was built on sacrifices. They understood that in order to achieve great power it was necessary to take a big risk. On behalf of the essence of Baal, known only as chaos, the test master is looking for rivals who are ready to make huge sacrifices in pursuit of power. Will you survive in each of his trials, take a risk of everyone and take his next ultimatum? "

In April addition, the Ultimatum tests are presented, in which players will get the opportunity to earn valuable awards, risking and sacrificing . Here's how it works:

"The test master will offer you a reward and testing with three complexity modifiers to choose from. If you manage to go through it, you can take your award. However, an ultimatum will be presented to you: go with your trophies or try more complex contractions for more valuable awards. But be careful, no matter how many tests you have passed - if you lose, you lose everything you earn. "

In the finale, players must make an offering to the testing master before they take part in the tests Ultimatum. If they successfully complete the tested test, they will be rewarded with an object of approximately double value. If they fail, they lose the offering.

The supplement of Ultimatum will also present the key to the Waal relic, the most rare key that will be added to the game. This key falls from from anywhere, and it can be used to open the portal in an ancient storage. In the relics, they will find a chest with a special version of a unique object on the topic of Vaal.

to Ultimatum will also add eight new stones of skills and support, a system of awards in the leagues, improvement of the skills of Baal, new objects and much more.<

Details can be found on the official website Path of Exile.

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