The next Neverwinter module is announced "Dragon Bones Valley"

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios completed work on the following Neverwinter addition, and announced the name and release date of the 22 module of the fantasy MMORPG. "Dragon Bones Valley" is a new module that will be launched on PC on January 11 and on the console on February 8th.

"In the upcoming update of the free MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons, players will return to the coast of swords to stop the Valinder Speeumantle and cult Dragon, since they plan to bring the undead to the dragons on Faerun and beyond. "

Along with the new campaign in the Dragon Bones Valley, there will also be a new adventure zone, an unprecedented mechanic for capture, a new test for 10 Players with the return of the evil elven sorceress Valindra and new heroic meetings. The module will also present updated enchanting and improvement systems, as well as other settings and improvements.

"For the first time in Neverwinter, players will be able to move along certain, indicated sections of the Dragon Bones Valley zone with a new capture for capture, which will make The study is even faster and more epic than ever before. At the beginning of the module campaign, the players will be provided with this tool to equip and explore all areas that the zone can offer, including individual areas that offer plot events and awards. "

You can find out more detailed information on the official website of Neverwinter .

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