The next season Sea of ​​Thieves will send you deep under water

In the next season, MMORPG Sea of ​​Thieves will add a new set of underwater fraud in the form of new sanctuaries of sirens, six unique and dangerous locations of hidden deep under the waves, filled with treasures that players can pick up if they solve secrets and perform tasks.

brave players who prefer a direct struggle with the inhabitants of the deep blue sea, can instead choose siren treasures filled with "coral treasures", which will bring considerable money from trading companies.

your prey can be stored in Survived statues in both locations, and then climb the surface when you are ready to load it with friendly creatures. Nevertheless, you still have to carry it to the ship yourself, so this is not a very safe option. All shrines and treasures are marked on the map, and a characteristic flicker on the surface of the water will facilitate their search.

Wealth can also be earned from a rare and very valuable treasure called the breath of the sea, which can be found during travels given by inlaid corals bottles, and, of course, there are new ships and pirate cosmetics that can be earned.

The new season starts on September 23, 2021, details on the official website.

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