The number of New World players on the day of release 707 230 players

The long -awaited gloomy fantasy MMORPG of the 17th century for the survival of the New World from Amazon Game Studios, yesterday came out officially on Steam. Some media outlets have already called this output the largest launch of MMORPG in the year, since on the first day the maximum indicator of simultaneous players on the network was 707,230 players, according to Steamdb. But it is worth noting that less than half of them actually played the new MMO from Amazon. The rest sat in lines, expecting to get on one of the islands for 2000 players. The predicted waiting time for certain New World servers was measured in dozens of hours.

Naturally, popularity has its own shortcomings, the servers tried their best to cope with the mass influx of players. "Thank you all for the great support on the day of release," Amazon wrote on Twitter. "We know about the lines of entering the system and problems with the server, the team makes every effort to solve them and involve everyone in the game! Thanks for your patience. "

Steam reviews are currently" mixed ", most negative reviews are concentrated on long lines, problems with the entrance to the system and the absence of regional servers, especially in southeastern Asia.

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