The presentation of Overwatch 2 is announced, we expect details

Over the past two years, Blizzard Entertainment has given players and fans brief glimpses to PVE Elements of the Soverwatch shooter 2. On May 20, the company will broadcast, where they will talk about the PVP side of the upcoming continuation.

"Overwatch commands and Overwatch League will carry out a direct broadcast in which we will talk more about the PVP-fragmentation of the game, "said Aaron Keller in his first video recovery as a new game director.

Keller Keller And other team members will play on new maps and will talk about the philosophy of PVP changes that will appear in Overwatch 2. They will also hold a session at Reddit on May 24 to discuss the problems and issues of the community as a whole. A separate branch will also be devoted to a conversation about the 5th anniversary of the franchise and all the work that has gone to create a game over the past five years.

overwatch 2 will definitely not come out this year, and it is not yet clear whether this will happen in the next year. What we know for sure is that the continuation will be based on the existing Overwatch elements and will include the full plot campaign PVE, based on the characters and the universe represented in the original game.

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