The release date of the “chain of dominance” World of Warcraft is known

After several weeks of preliminary announcements and hints, Blizzard Entertainment finally announced the release date of the 9.1 MMORPG World of Warcraft, the first major update since the release of Shadowlands last year. Update 9.1, called the "chain of dominance", will be released on June 30 and will bring with it a new territory, new dungeons and the ability to use flying maunks in Shadowlands.

"Refining the" chain of dominance "will add a lot of new content to the game. Explore the new zone of the womb - the cortia, the city of secrets. Brease into the Raid "Sanctuary of dominance" and challenge the jailer in the heart of Torgasta. Make a brave campaign in the new megal dungeon "Tazavesh Secret Market", learn to move through the air in dark lands and open many other opportunities. "

ordinary and heroic raids open a week after July 7 with PVP and Mythic + Season 2. The Sanctum of Domination. 1 wing in the system of searching raids starts on July 14, behind it will open 2 wing on July 28 and 3 and 4 wings in August, including the final raid boss Silvan by wind -winged. and new means of transportation, as well as a new property of the dungeons: "tormentors of the jailer." These servants can be found throughout the dungeon, and they give powerful gifts with damage. In addition, if you don’t figure it out with the servant, they give the latter bosses.

The season 2 also includes bargaining, the tower of the damned, level 10, and the opening of the secret market of the pelvis in epoch -making. "

The announcement is also accompanied by a new trailer that you can see below. You can also go to the official website of World of Warcraft for additional information.

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