The sale of Epic Games Store continues, set to pick up free games

If you have not noticed yet, the last couple of days Epic Games distributed free games every day. To date, only multi -user games are included in the draw: remnant: from the ashes and today's free game - Second Extination, a cooperative survival shooter for three players, which takes place on a post -apocalyptic land flooded with mutated dinosaurs.

EM>"In the game Second Exteination, teams up to three players fight with crowds of bloodthirsty dinosaurs in dynamic battles on post -apocalyptic wastelands of the Earth. Use a number of uniquely powerful weapons and abilities and fight alone or with friends against monstrous dinosaurs, which were believed to have died out, and now mutated and more deadly than ever!

The War Effort is a global Second Extination metaiger, controlled by the community: by performing missions and actions, you directly affect the level of threat and give up players around the world. "

today's free game can only be takenuntil 12/22/2021 until 18:00,after which Epic will reveal the following secret game. Here is a list of free games at the moment:

December 16 - Shenmue 3

December 17 - Neon Abyss

December 18 - remnant: from the ashes

December 19 - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

December 20 - Loop Hero

December 21 - Second Extination

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