The Sea of ​​Thieves started season 6, and the arena closed

The 6th season of MMORPG on the Pirate theme of Sea of ​​Thieves begins with the addition of several new elements of content, including naval forts and a new adventure event.

"The ghostly memories of the Spanish naval forts noticed after" Hidden islands ", now completely manifested in Sea of ​​Thieves. Pirates and their teams can come up, enter and - if they can - clear the path to extraction inside! "

six sea forts were added to different regions of the open sea, and each regional fort has a unique visual style. Sea forts offer short meetings on request for players who are looking for a quick test with the scaling of complexity depending on the size of the attacking team. They are actively protected by the ghostly army, which players will have to win before they can take possession of the fort and treasures inside.

After passing, players will be able to use sea forts as their personal shelter, they have beds, kitchen accessories and interactive A card for planning adventures, as well as the installed guns and a huge supply of resources that crews can use to protect in their newfound house.

The season 6 also marks the official closure of the PVP-Arena, since the team completely switches its attention to Free adventure mode.

"As we reported earlier, only 2% of our players are constantly held in the arena, and this has never changed. We understand that some criticism that we can hear here is that we did not invest enough in the arena to give it the best chances of success along with the continuing growth of adventure. The reality is that, as a new Arena platform, unfortunately, it did not become popular enough to justify the concentration of our creative efforts on it, in addition to our initial efforts to improve experience in order to attract a wider audience. "

The season 6 also includes new special opportunities, new cosmetics and a long list of corrections. Players who earned the title "Legend of the Pirate" can also count on a new repeated journey, which will take place later this season.

Additional information can be found in full notes to the patch and on the target page of the sixth season.

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