The shareholders sued Activision Blizzard due to a deal with Microsoft

Activision Blizzard, it seems, can not rest. A scandalous video game company is now faced with two new trials that are associated with its ongoing acquisition deal with Microsoft. The claims were filed by shareholders Kyle Watson and Shiva Stein both against the company and her board of directors.

according to Polygon, claims states that the financial information that the company has yet shared regarding the acquisition is insufficient And misleading and violates the law of the 14a Commission on Securities and Exchanges, which states that shareholders are provided with all the necessary information before they vote. The highest leadership of Activision Blizzard, including CEO of Bobby Kotik, also allegedly receives "profitable benefits" from the transaction and that this transaction did not meet the interests of the company or its shareholders.

surprisingly, the Activision Blizzard actually I will look forward to the transfer of the case to the court, saying that "we do not agree with the statements made in this complaint, and are looking forward to the submission of our arguments to the court."

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