The update of World of Warcraft "End of Eternity" will be released on February 23

The story arch MMORPG World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will soon come to an end because Blizzard Entertainment announced the official release date of 9.2: "End of Eternity". For the first time announced in November 2021, the "end of eternity" will be released on February 23 and will be the last major renewal of the Shadowlands additions.

"End of Eternity" will present a new otherworldly zone called Mortis, where the powerful heroes of Azerota will again meet face to face A person with a call, a jailer, and they will prevent him from rewriting the rules of reality.

"Primam will help you get into an unfamiliar new zone - Grain Mortis. This place is created by the eternal as a workshop to create the afterlife worlds, and its inhabitants - automas - filled the dark lands everything that they have in them. In this otherworldly kingdom, the laws of physics and reality do not apply. The jailer is going to use secrets stored here to subordinate reality to his evil will.

Get to know new allies, enlightened, plunge into the study of the lyrical runic language of the authors and begin the struggle with the forces of the jailer before he reaches his goal in the tomb Eternal ".

The second season of Shadowlands PVP will end shortly before the update, and then the 3rd season of Shadowlands will begin on March 1 after the weekly rebooting of the game worlds in each region.

Additional information can be found. On the official website of World of Warcraft.

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