The World of Warcraft will finally appear cross-fractional raids

After almost two decades of battles with each other at the MMORPG World of Warcraft, the Alliance and Horde players will finally be able to cooperate to participate in raids, dungeons and even other teams in the rating PVP. In the last blog of the developers of Blizzard Entertainment, plans for interfraction instances are settled - the functions that the players have asked for the first launch of the game in 2004.

"For several years, many players spoke out against the excessive severity of the rules limiting Communication and cooperation between the characters of the Alliance and the Horde. These rules could prevent close friends from playing together or create the players with the impression that their faction gives them fewer opportunities for playing in a group than they would like. But these shortcomings for a long time were justified by the desire to preserve one of the basic principles of the Warcraft universe - after all, the whole series began with a game called Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, isn't it? The words of one of the leaders of the Horde, "Times changed."

the studio says that they plan to make instances between the factions of an optional function for those who will not be killed for communication with the enemy. Some content related to a particular faction will also remain exclusive for members of the same faction, while the developers process its components.

"As for the fiction and preferences of the players, we have to overcome decades of hostility," - The developers said. "Although we are pleased to offer players the opportunity to overcome disagreements between factions and cooperate in order to defeat common enemies, we know that many will react to this change wary, and we do not want to cancel these preferences. We are talking about expanding the possibilities for players. "

" Once in the same group, representatives of different fractions will remain hostile to each other in the open world (and especially in war mode!), As now, but they will be able to communicate in the chat of the group. Nevertheless, in a dungeon, during a raid or rating PVP match, the group members will not be hostile to each other and will be able to help each other in battle, exchange prey, receive joint achievements and cooperate to the same extent as the comrades in the faction. We announce new opportunities in advance primarily in order to make sure that they are realized efficiently and correspond to expectations. Group raid, passing dungeons with an epoch-making key or a pursuit of a higher rating in the PVP mode will not have to cause difficulties in groups with players of different fractions, or among groups of players from a single faction. "


The instances for different fractions will be ready to exit after a while, but the team plans to test a new function on PTR along with the update of 9.2.5 after the launch of Eternity's End.

details can be found on the official website of World of Warcraft.

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