There are no restrictions on hunting passes in Dauntless now

Phoenix Labs made a significant and very long -awaited change to the work of the Action Dauntless hunting passes after the last update of the New Dawn.

Prior to the release of premium hunting passes were available only for a limited time, and the players had very much Actively give it out to unlock the top -level awards.

today acquired hunting passes are now constant and can be performed at their own pace of the player, and can also be replaced for other combat passes at any time.

combat gaps is not the only thing in which the validity period was removed. The tokens of awards earned during each season are now transferred to future seasons, and not reset at the beginning of each season. The token of awards can now also be used to increase the status of a reward from bronze to silver or from silver to gold.

The renewal of "New Dawn" also represents a new hunting pass - "lawlessness in the sky." The new combat pass in the pirate topics includes a new complete set of armor, two new weapons and much more.

Information about the New Dawn update can be found on the official website of Dauntles.

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