There will be no mini-card in New World, but modifications are allowed

There is a mini-card or not a mini-card, that’s the question. The question that Amazon Game Studios finally decides after rumors that the MMORPG New World players were banned for using third-party modifications of mini-cards.

in the new blog of developers on official forums, Amazon said that they understand why players We need a mini-card and how its presence will force other players who do not want a mini-card, to feel that they are in a disadvantage. They also confirmed that they will not add a mini-card in the near future.

"Now the creation of a mini-card is not a priority for us, since we have other questions that, as it seems to us, More relevant. Argumentation at a high level is that we have fears that this is due to the style of hostilities and the design of the world of New World, that this can violate the immersion, can limit the desire for research, and there are technical restrictions. We feel that the compass satisfies the needs, corresponds to the situation, promotes research and supports the battle. "

At the same time, the studio denied the gb of players and assured the players that they will not be punished for the use of third -party mods for mini -Cart, provided that the mod complies with the following rules:

, as a rule, the mini-card follows the exact rules of the compass and cannot give players any advantage. The information that will be used to display, even within the framework of the restrictions below, should come from Overwolf API, which we can add over time, but cannot accept at present.

A mini-card can:

- show the player’s position

- show people in a group, as on a compass

- show the placement of the node only if they unlocked this node using professional skills, provided that it is within the range in which they will display the compass.

- show only the AI ​​that you unlocked with the help of trade skills as a compass and within the reach of the compass.

- show quests as On the compass

more information can be found on the official website of New World.

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