Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Episode 1 - the surroundings of the Columbia District

For the shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will soon be released by a large free content update with the name "Episode 1 - the surroundings of the Colombia district. Owners of passes for 1 year will be able to see the update on July 23, and on July 30, all players.

The update will transfer the players beyond the borders of Washington in two missions, as well as to the new "Expedition" regime, consisting of several parts, based on the search for a lost convoy of military supplies.

The first new mission, The White Oak camp will be a "well-planned attack" on the presidential complex, since the division agents are trying to betray the President Andrew Ellis, who, apparently, is a traitor-sorry, for a secondary spoiler. After that, the gang goes to the National Zoo of Manning to track Emilin Show, the leader of the outcasts, and "destroy" her before she can restore her faction.

in the new mode of the expedition, agents go to Kenley college to find surviving members of a military convoy, who was lost for unknown reasons. Three different "wings" of the expedition, each with a unique theme and tone, will come out weekly; As the completion of all three, you will fall into the "exclusive treasure room full of awards."

After the update, players will be able to purchase new exotic weapons, exotic equipment, as well as the Stoner LMG and Carbine 7 weapon, and the owners of the pass of 1 year also They will get access to two new secret tasks in the Washington Central Aquarium.

The update will also add a new settings for the complexity "Detection" for the Operation "Dark Watch", which "will allow more players to experience the first division raid in history."

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