Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: "Hard times" already in the game

The first shooter of the shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Operation Hard Times is already in the game. In the video with a special report, Ubisoft talks in detail about the raid, its awards, control points and much more.

in the raid, killing the boss, you can get three sets of equipment and one exotic weapon . If you pass the raid for the second time, you will not get access to this lutus, but you are guaranteed to receive 500 units of the loot when you repeat it.

There are also checkpoints in the raid. It is mentioned that you can return every other day and continue progress from the place that you have reached for the last time.

Unfortunately, there is no organization of matches, this means that you will have to spend some time with 7 other players to attack the raid and this issue caused a storm of discussions on Reddit.

According to the deputy creative director, the organization of matches was not suitable due to the complexity of the raid. But the team is working on a "more suitable solution" to the problems of organizing matches. This is not like a full-fledged system for organizing matches, it can be something like an official group search system.

In addition to this controversial moment, the raid really liked the players The Division 2.

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