Tom Clancy’s Xdefiant is the last part of the Ubisoft franchise

ubisoft announced the latest addition to the Tom Clancy series of games - a free multiplayer network shooter from the first person called Tom Clancy's Xdefiant.

The game will offer competitive battles in the 6 to 6 format, using a combination Firearms and factions based on abilities inspired by cult groups, including "wolves", "outcasts", "cleaners" and "echelon".

"Over the past 21 years, the Tom Clans Universe has become An important part of the history of Ubisoft and a guideline for tactical shooters and immersive universes, "the Ubisoft official press release says. "Ubisoft proudly announces the expansion of the Tom Clancy universe by a game that will allow all fans to play both for both the most recognizable groups from the franchise fans."

In the upcoming game will also be Completely customizable characters and many gaming modes installed on various internal and external maps inspired by locations from the Tom Clancy universe are presented. Initially, the game will be launched with several gaming modes, including linear modes, including "Domination" and "Support".

"XDEFIANT offers players completely new impressions of Tom Clancy games. Fractions and characters - XDEFiant - are all inspired by Tom Clancy games and not only. Regardless of whether players want to play competitions or carelessly, Tom Clancy's Xdefiant will definitely deliver exciting impressions to everyone. "

The game will be available on the Ubisoft Connect, Amazon Luna and Google Stadia, and Also on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The release date has not yet been announced, but now registration is opened on the official website for the first playout of the game, which will begin on August 5th.

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