Torchlight 3 will appear Classor Cursed Captain

Spring update of the multi -user ARPG Torchlight 3 will add the first full -fledged class of the caller. The new class, called the Damned Captain, is a ghost pirate stuck in limbo with the ability to cause a team of ghostly pirates.

"being in a state between life and death, the damned captain remains faithful to his spirit of the adventurer. As an experienced captain of the seas, this material ghost can cause a ghostly team of thugs and use pirate trade tools to fight. The cursed captain uses his own unique resource, dulys, which are collected in the middle of the battle from monsters and treasures. "

Spring update will also add more than 40 new pets, changes in the user interface of pets, improve the craft and discharge instances settings. The specific date of the update is not yet announced, but you can see the damned captain in Tiser below while we are waiting for the news.

⚓ raise the Anchor, Load the Cannons, and Look Towards The Horizon .#Torchlight3`s Spring Update Launches Next Week! Featuring The New Cursed Captain Class. RF4I5PKVFB

- Play Torchlight (@PlayTorchlight) May 20, 2021

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