Torchlight Frontiers: Pre -inspection of equipment and pets

has passed about a month since the MMORPG Torchlight Frontiers completed the second alpha test, and the developers worked hard to make changes based on the reviews of the players. Project leader Tyler Thompson and community manager Jared Brovar, yesterday gave the first live broadcast for developers in 2019, during which they told the players about what has been happening behind the scenes from the end of Alpha-2.

during the hourly time Stream can be obtained a lot of information, but the main points include the addition of a new equipment and progression system, in which the players have separate levels for each limit that determines the level of equipment. Nevertheless, this new system actually means that the players, apparently, will have several different sets of equipment for each limit, so the developers also added new wardrobe items, which are statues and can serve as a functional equipment storage, and be a fashionable decor of the fort .

Stream also demonstrates some of the altered elements of the user interface, such as a mini-card and adjusted scaling of the user interface. In addition, the developers showed that each class received several new skills. Fans of pets from the original Torchlight games will also be happy to hear that pets are returning to Torchlight Frontiers.

Thompson says that players may expect that the next alpha test of the game will begin in the next few months, and players will be able to test these and other new functions that will be added to the intermediate period.

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