Torchlight Frontiers: The third class Railmaster is presented

The third class RPG Torchlight Frontiers is presented, and a surprise awaits you. Perhaps this is one of the most original, non-standard classes ever created for MMO.

Railmaster: Conductor of Pain (does it sound good, isn't it?)-A mustachioed guy with a huge hammer. The uniqueness of this class is that after the guide there is a true train everywhere, wherever he goes - public places or private prison, the train there, having fun where the railway tracks allow. You only pave the rails and observe how the turret and gun shoots next to you.

The initial concept of Railmaster did not include this from the very beginning, but demanded that the player take the train and unfold it where he wants fire. In fact, it was rather a stationary tower than the train, and this made the class too similar to the class of an engineer. Now you can pave the ways and even choose the type of wagons that you need.

Oddly enough, Echtra Games showed that inspiration for the rude Railmaster view comes from war priests from the Warhammer universe.

It is worth mentioning some Railmaster class skills. He paves the ways, but this does not require explanation, since this is what makes your train follow you. The skill of "ghost train" causes the spirit of an ancient train that causes damage to everyone who is in front of him. Pound is the skill of Railmaster itself, which is hollowing a huge hammer on the ground, causing AOE damage plus stunning.

You can read more about the knowledge and design of the Railmaster class in the official message of Torchlight Frontiers. The release of the Railmaster class is scheduled for April 23.

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