Total War Saga: Troy: Shows Heroes of Greece and Troy

The next strategic game Creative Assembly is Total War Saga: Troy, and in principle there is already enough information about the game, but you always want to know more. To this end, the developers published a couple of new videos that tell about the unique mechanics of the campaign, which are played by both heroes from Greece and Troy. The key part of the distinction between the fractions in the Total War small theater is heroes: they taste your army, have unique mechanics and determine which units you can gain.

Achilles fights with others Heroes to prove that he is the greatest warrior (as is in principle), and can never become a loser. Agamemnon collects vassals to strengthen his claims to the Greek kingdom. Odysseus can create outposts in foreign settlements, which allows him to gain hiring even on enemy territory, and he is stronger in coastal settlements. Finally, Menelaus, a guy known for having lost his wife and began all this mess with the Trojan War, can gain units from any fraction with which he is connected using the advantages of skills and unique skills of others.

both Hector and Paris share special rules: they fight for who is the best son of their father Priam, King of Troy, and the winner will receive the territory. Hector also receives bonuses depending on how many territories it belongs to its allies, and not the territory that he owns directly. Meanwhile, Aeneas’s cousin can make omen in order to please various gods, or go on a trip to the underground world and communicate with the dead in order to get their advice. Finally, the Trojan ally of Sarpedon is an unsurpassed merchant who receives influence and power through trade with other fractions and is looking for unique resources.

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