Total War Saga: Troy: You can pick up for free

Total War Saga: Troy - a mixture of history and mythology, only for a day from August 13until 08/14/2020 at 16:00in the storeepic Games can be taken absolutely free.

"Thanks to EPIC, we can offer Total War for free on the day of its launch. We are very interested in what we can do for our players, "said the director of the SEGA studio. "This means not only that we can convey stories and legends about three to a wide audience through the huge EPIC platform, but it also means that new players will be able to try Total War for the first time by experiencing a unique gameplay"

The story of the Trojan horse is widely known, but Creative Assembly uses a really interesting approach to give it a more realistic historical shade. For example, minotaurs can be recruited as a hero.

Total War Saga: Troy will be exclusive for Epic Games Store for one year, after which the game will be available in Steam and other digital stores. To obtain additional information about the game, click on

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