Two more dungeons will appear in Swords of Legends Online

Next week, MMORPG Swords of Legends Online will continue to open the Firestone Legacy content with two new dungeons and a new raid. The update is released on April 7, opening the gate to the residence of Dziubao and the forest-hammock, each of which has its own goals that need to be achieved.

Dziubao residence: the jealouse of the toad is rich in untidy treasures and noble warriors-the main goal is the main goal For Meiji and the Demon clan. Go to the sandy island in the Southern Sea to help the toad to protect your house.

Forest Hammok: the house of the insidious gang of winged demons, outwardly calm, legendary warriors who dare to cross the threshold, collide with dangerous opponents, hiding behind every angle.

In addition to the new dungeons of Swords of Legends Online, the update next week will also present a new raid in which the players will fight the army of demons, led by four new dangerous bosses: King Garpius Sinhu, King Garpius Sinhu, Harpy Wu Lin Harpia, the mirror demon Jing Yuan Ji and the fiery beast Liao Shan.

"The frightening demon Juan Yu and his clan of the ghostly owl were trapped under the extensive stripes of ice and snow under the towering mountain of Taihua. Trying to free Juan Yuya and his clan, the demon army began the attack on the stamp holding him. Only a brave legendary warrior can withstand the horrors of Mount Taikhua and return the ghostly owl clan to the place of imprisonment. "

Meanwhile, the Swords of Legends Online store has been replenished with a new set of Starflux Pursuit, which includes new bright skins for weapons for weapons each class in the game that can be seen briefly in the trailer below.

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