Ubisoft daily gives free games for a whole week

Ubisoft has already been imbued with the spirit of the approaching holidays, and the began the distribution of gifts, which include both games and in -game production. Every day for a week from December 14 to 18, 2020 you can receive awards. If you want to take part and get your portion of gifts, go to ubisoft.com, click the "Get to Register" button, go into your ubisoft account and prepare for the buns.

only today you can get Free awards of awards at Hyper Scape: Snowboard, "Facts Snoices" and Osap "Snusterfer"

ubisoft will be distributed daily, but you will only have 24 hours To get each of them! Therefore, you just need to go to the official page daily and take the gift, if you miss something, you will no longer be able to get.

As for free games, Ubisoft has not yet told what kind of games they will be, so you can only guess.

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