Ubisoft deleted an account for hundreds of dollars for inaction

If you have not entered your Ubisoft or Uplay account for some time, you may want to check it now. The French publisher of the games, apparently, deleted the accounts for inaction, even if the account of the account was paid games.

according to PCWorld, the account considered was inactive for more than a year when the owner decided to relax from the games. "In 2020, I sold my computer because I played too much, and it benefited a healthy lifestyle a little. I made a choice to work and go to school, "said the owner of the Tor account.

When he decided to return to games in the summer of 2021, he found that he could not enter his Ubisoft account. He was able to drop his password, but later found that the account itself was closed and finally deleted with games for hundreds of dollars. Thor added that not one of his accounts associated with games was closed, except for Ubisoft.

After checking it by e -mail, Tor said that he found a warning from Ubisoft in the Spam folder. The email said that his account was temporarily disconnected and will be finally closed if he does not click on the indicated link within 30 days.

when he tried to contact Ubisoft regarding the electronic letter, the company's representatives said He will not be able to restore any of his games, because his account was closed. "If the account is closed, it is impossible to restore it," said the representative of the support service.

Although in the conditions of service there is a item that allows the company to suspend or close the account for inaction, Ubisoft claims that what happened to Tor, it was a mistake and that they never suspended the account, which was inactive for less than four years. The company also insists that they will never close the account with purchased games in its library. account actions. The company's support page also mentions the observance of the general regulations for data protection and the exemption of the data in the database as the main reason why they delete unused accounts.

"Be sure that Ubisoft does not automatically close Inactive accounts, "the support page says. "However, in accordance with our conditions of use in rare cases, we can take measures to comply with some local data protection laws. This is only if we have good reason to believe that the account in question will remain unused. We can also close for a long time inactive accounts to support our database. You will receive a notification by e -mail, if we begin the process of closing your inactive account. "

ubisoft, however, states that the Tor account does not meet the deletion criteria and that they will turn to it, To conduct an investigation on this subject and take appropriate measures.

as for other companies and publishers of video games cope with their inaction, Valve declares that they do not deactivate inactive accounts in Steam. They also do not include them in active user statistics of reports with data. Although one of the users Reddit claimed that Valve deleted his Steam account, which included several games and mods, after 13 years of inaction.

in the conditions of using Epic Games, it is said that they can change the names of inactive accounts but nothing is said about their removal. In the conditions of Blizzard service, the account is also not mentioned due to inaction.

on the other hand, Riot Games will suspend or stop the accounts if they are inactive for a long period of time. While the Riot portfolio does not include games with the possibility of buying for the game, any additions or updates related from the account will also be deleted after closing the account.

The most crazy thing is that the company Striven by video games, can delete your account completely legally, regardless of whether you spent zero or a thousand dollars on their games, as PCWorLD explained by the law on video games Ryan Morrison.

"They can delete your Account for any reason, "he said, explaining that users really do not buy games from these companies, but licensed them. Using as an example of the book, Morrison explained that the purchase of a physical book will provide you with ownership of it, while buying an e -book for Amazon Kindle will only give you a license to demonstrate a book. He also added that Amazon can withdraw this license when they want, as in the case of digital copies of video games.

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