Ubisoft gives Watch Dogs 2

Have you missed the distribution of the Watch Dogs 2 shooter live Ubisoft Forward? Do not worry, you are not alone. There were two ways to get a free copy: the first - via Twitch Drop, if you have related Twitch and Ubisoft accounts, and the second - viewing stream through the Uplay client. Due to the fact that the audience tried to do both, people could not go anywhere at all, and on the other hand they were welcomed only by the boot screen.

during the direct broadcast of Ubisoft through Twitter wrote: "We will distribute A reward to all of you, even if you could not enter the system. "

Don`t Worry! We`ll Be Giving Out the REVARDS to All of You, Even If You Were Unable to Log in SuccessFully. Sit Back and Enjoy The Show!

- ubisoft support (@ubisoftsupport) July 12, 2020

And now they fulfill their promise. All you need to do is go to this web page and enter your Ubisoft account to pick up your game, as well as a set of game awards for various other Ubisoft games.

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