Ubisoft makes Autobattler for 100 players

In recent years, the most large things have been the largest in the field of video games: Battle Royale and Auto Chess, more widely known as "Autobattler". But did you ever think what could happen if you combine these two genres and do something like an "auto-boiler-Royal"? Then soon the day will come when you can see this mixture. Ubisoft officially launches Might and Magic: Chess Royale on January 30.

Heroes and units in Might and Magic: Chess Royale, have unique skills and different fractions from the entire Might and Magic universe. In addition, they can be improved and combined to create "unique connections" and create various options for strategies. Between the battles, players will spend gold on a set of heroes and can use intelligence that will allow them to analyze the compositions of popular teams.

Unfortunately, the announcement of Might and Magic: Chess actually does not reveal all the details. But it sounds very large -scale "The first auto -shahmat with battles in real time for 100 players."

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