Ubisoft sued Apple and Google on charges of Clain Rainbow Six Siege

Last week, Ubisoft Entertainment SA made a lawsuit against the famous companies Apple Inc. and Google LLC. The lawsuit is aimed at the fact that the company's data did not take measures to violate copyright in relation to the game Area F2. According to Ubisoft, the Area F2 game practically accurately copies Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and is its clone. As Bloomberg publishes, a little earlier, Ubisoft appealed to Apple and Google with this information, however, the App Store and Google Play refused to withdraw from the Area F2 sales. Now the lawsuit is under consideration by the US Federal Court in Los Angeles.

Area F2 shooter was created by the Ejoy studio, which is the subsidiary of Alibaba. The developers themselves describe their project as "the first short -combat shooter (AKA CQB) on a mobile device."

In general, the copyright law, which relates to the games, is actually quite a shaky and complex topic. But cloning of gaming projects, a fairly common phenomenon, especially in the mobile industry. It is not yet clear how Apple and Google will react, but they may demand to remove a game that violates copyright.

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