Underworld ascentant: add a new saving system

Today, RPG Underworld Ascentant developers published plans for two main updates in Steam, the first of which is expected next week. This will bring a completely new conservation system to the game, which will allow the players to be kept anywhere (with some exceptions), will make changes to battles to make them "more dynamic and responsive", setting up the movement of players, as well as improving tasks and levels. Complete information will be published next week.

"Our common goal for updating 2 next year is to continue to make the game more interesting, funny, understandable and honed," the update says. "We will continue to improve things such as battle, artificial intelligence and levels. We will also concentrate efforts on the progression of the player, adding diversity to the gameplay and improving the general journey of the player during the game. "

is expected that this update will be released in February 2019, and further improvements will be made in the battle , the design of levels and tasks.

However, patches are unlikely to solve more fundamental problems with the game, such as the inability to communicate with non -game characters or the "bizarre structure" of the tasks system that make the game very differently to the underworld.

Improvements are certainly welcome, and they inspire the weak hope that someday Underworld ascentant will be described in terms that do not include the word "catastrophic". Since when it launches it was a lot of reviews, there were negative reviews due to terrible lags, poor optimization and "damp".

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