Until 2022, New World will be sold only cosmetics

Here are a few small news from Amazon Game Studios. The studio was criticized by the MMORPG New World community, when at the beginning of this month they began to test the intra -game store, which, contrary to the earlier promises of the team, contained many boosters.

Amazon hastened to comment on the leak in order to assure the community that When starting, all objects in the store will be purely cosmetic, and that they simply tested this element to see how the players will react.

"In the store it will be possible to buy cosmetic objects regardless of the purchased publication and receive Bonuses for a preliminary order, "the team explained. "We have already received a lot of reviews and we believe that it is now important to make the store visible so that players can experience it and test it directly. Items in the store during alpha testing will be purely cosmetic and will not give any advantages in the gameplay. "

" As the game develops, we can add new categories of goods to the store depending on From the desires of our players, "they added. "We can make mistakes, so we test and interact with our community to get reviews. The alpha test will include an example of a skin, emotions and colors (these are not the objects that we will sell live, but they will give you an idea of ​​type and taste). " "When starting" does not necessarily mean that they will not sell booster after the game. Later, the studio recognized that they can add experience amplifiers and similar items after launch, especially somewhere in 2022.

"We will not consider the sale of anything except cosmetics, earlier until 2022" , - said in the studio. "Soon after the launch, we will consider the ideas of objects affecting mechanics, such as experience, both in the store and earning in the game. This will allow the players who are behind, to catch up at the most convenient pace for them and fight with their friends in the final content, without creating the Wednesday "Pay for Victory".

amazon, however, he promised that he promised that Bosterers, if they decide to add them, will also be available using ordinary intra -game functions.

New World release is scheduled for August 31. More detailed information can be found on the official website.

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