Update War Thunder 1.67 "Sturm" March 18, 2017

So the players of War Thunder of the next update waited. It is worth saying that the day before the renewal, the players of War Thunder presented the new location of the Adaman Sea, the surroundings of the Thailand Gulf of Phanang were taken as the basis, which they actively tested this weekend.

but what was added to and changed in this renewal with the epic name "assault":

  • a new territory for the interference battles of Ardenne;
  • appeared a new territory for the air battles of the Guiana Plateau;
  • Locations are changed: Eastern Europe, Berlin (equipped with exits from the canal for such-anfibiy), the height of the hill with mills is reduced;
  • began testing the cooperative mission "Sturm" (currently only for aviation) - command battles against the enemy;
  • weapon stabilizer;
  • Flame effects in the exhaust pipe of aircraft;
  • A trial exit for Japanese ground technology was added; Li>
  • Other changes have been made (in more detail - here).

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