V Ringing - Sandwriter of Survival from Battlerite Developers

As soon as you start to think that the developers used all possible options for the sandbox of survival, how Stunlock Studios comes with a fresh and decisively gloomy turn in the genre. The developer Battlerite is currently working on a new multiplayer sandbox on the theme of vampires called V Rising. You have not guessed! In this game you will not hunt or run from vampires. You yourself will become a vampire.

The game promises a huge world with unique locations, from lush forests to deep dark dungeons inhabited by various mythical animals, monsters and, of course, delicious people. As inhabitants of darkness, players should plan their adventures in accordance with the day/night cycle of time and make sure that they feed themselves well.

, as players move, the players will access new vampire skills and abilities of weapons. They will also be able to build their own terrible castle, where they will be able to relax with their vampire friends and collect the army of monsters to protect it from other vampire detachments. The game will also have combat operations and management elements similar to Battlerite and most Moba.

a session of questions and answers on the official website of Stunlock called "Interview with the Vampire" reveals more information about the upcoming game, including information about other threats , whom the players will face in the game, such as holy places, angry nuns, garlic and, possibly, even werewolves.

The developers also said that the game will be PVP with full prey, which means that the players will begin From scratch, naked inside the coffin, if they die. The night time will also be longer than daytime, so that the players have enough time to explore, eat and do what vampires are doing in their free time.

Stunlock has not yet announced the date of closed beta testing, but now The game is available for entering the list of desired Steam. You can also register on the official website of V Riding to get an invitation to the ZBT.

, while you can see the official trailer to get an idea of ​​what the game offers.

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