V Rising players will have to choose which blood is better to drink

A simple torn to pieces of the closest affordable person or creature, apparently, will not be able to help in V Ringing, the coming multiplayer survival game on the theme of vampires from Stunlock Studios. According to the last blog of the team, players will have to be more attentive to the choice of "dishes" if they want to quickly go through the game.

"Drods V Blood are the cornerstone V Rising, truly terrifying samples as monsters, so And people who roam the lands of Vardaran. These are the highest predators of wildlife. They are persistent champions that will try to resist the stream of vampires and challenge our rule. Pillars of society, leaders and symbols of power prevailing in the civilized world. So it is quite natural that they are the most tidbit goals for an ambitious bloodthirsty. "

In addition to acquiring V Blood Units, players will also be able to absorb any special abilities that their food has. For example, treating a powerful necromancer will allow players to get and use many magical abilities and debuffs of the necromancer, and drinking a carpenter's blood will improve their skills to work with a tree.

"These meetings can occur throughout the land of bardaran. An experienced artisan can be in their blacksmith, working hard on his great work, or a military leader can be in the very heart of their fortress. Players can track these combat units with the help of a new castle function, which we presented and which we call the "bloody altar". This workstation allows you to set goals, giving the player a certain guide and allowing him to choose what type of unit he wants to use to advance to the progress that he is most interesting to at the moment. "

The team also touched on small-scale beta testing last month, which, according to the team, was successful, regardless of the number of players admitted to participation. The larger closed beta testing is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2022.

"Our observations in combination with all the creative and critical reviews that we collected led, as we believe, to significant improvements to the game, as well as to a richer experience and test environment, when we invite an even larger number of you to try it at the end of the first quarter of this year! "

Additional information can be found on the official website Stunlock Studios .

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