Valorant: 9000 banks and this is only the beginning

Riot Valorant shooter is still at the stage of closed beta testing, but this did not prevent attackers from doing their job, that is, to deceive and spoil the game for everyone else. The efforts of Riot, aimed at stopping such actions, primarily through the Vanguard system, were controversial, primarily because it is a nucleus mode that is loaded when loading and always works, even when you do not play the game. You can turn it off if you want, or completely remove it, but you will need to re -enable or reinstall it if you want to play Valorant.

The disputed system or not, but it seems it works. The fighting engineer Philip Koskinas said on Twitter that the studio had recently blocked 8873 scammers in Valorant. It is not known how many people actually play in a closed beta version, so it is difficult to judge the number as a percentage, but even if it is only a small share of the total number of players, this is a step in the right direction.

located a VALORANT universe where there were 8873 less cheaters and moved us all into it, please be careful as your bones may`ve shifted during dimensional travel

— Phillip Koskinas (@mirageopenguins) May 12, 2020

In addition, the senior analyst in combating the fraud of Riot Matt Paoletti, aka Riotk3O, said to Reddit that "this is only the beginning," and retweeted such an ominous warning.

EVEN THIGH THIS JUST CLOSED BETA, We`ve Promised that We`RE GOING To Be HeAVily Committed to Anti-Cheat. This Banwave Is Still Only The Begining. We`re Going to Ensure The Highest Standard of Competitive Integrity in Valorant. Ejxuyg0jee

- riot vanguard (@riotwanguard) May 12, 2020

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