Valorant came out with a new regime, agent and map

After the beta testing, in which, apparently, three million players a day participated on average, the Valorant shooter received an official release. The game is absolutely free, so you can already start playing.

But naturally, not everything that is now in the release version was on closed beta testing. Therefore, you may be more lucky with Reina, a new agent who was shown last week, especially if you play on the new Ascent card or in the latest Spike Rush mode.

spike rush is still in beta version, although it is already available. This is a more chaotic version of the usual Spike mode, in particular, a reduction in the number of rounds.

, in the meantime, Ascent delivers agents to Italy, where most of the action takes place in a large open space in the center of the map. Riot says that this is a "platform for a variety of use of abilities."

The competitive mode has not yet been launched in Valorant, but it is already there. "Initially, we strive to ensure that our service is stable before starting the competition," says Riot.

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