Valorant: Changing the competitive game and new map

The RIOT Games developer has published a video that shows a new MMO MMO MMO first-person Valorant. A card with the name "Icebox" should be expected along with the release of 3 acts. ICEBOX is a snowy area with open and closed buildings, where you can fight in command format.

In addition, from October 14, a new one will appear in the third act of MMO of the first person Valorant Competitive system. The purpose of these changes is to simplify the tasks of the ranking regime. The selection of matches will be more fair, and the difference in the ranking of players will be reduced, you can choose the server that you like and a public table of regional leaders will appear.

it is also worth saying that with the release of the update, the appearance of a new agent is expected, according to rumors, it will have a unique ability - invisibility.

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