Valorant has replenished with a new FADE agent

The new agent reached the competitive battlefields of the Valorant shooter with the release of Patch 4.08. Get to know Fade, a new initiator who promises to become an agent of your dreams or nightmares, depending on whose side you are.

"The Turkish Fade's head hunter releases the power of nightmares to take possession of enemy secrets. Together in horror, she tracks out the goals and reveals their deepest fears before crushing them in the dark. "

The arsenal of the Nightmare abilities FADE uses the power of fear to lure enemies into a trap, identify their position and bring them closer. Her Ula sends a wave of nightmare energy, which can pass through the walls, leaving a mark on the enemies that fell into it, deafening their sound and causing damage from decay.

Patch 4.08 also reduces The time for selection of players, as well as an increase in the ranking and fines of 25% for all ranks. The patch also introduces another round of balance adjustment, this time focusing on three agents.

You can view the full statement of changes on the official website of Valorant. You can also see the new FADE cinematographic trailer.

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