Valorant: It will be possible to just give up soon

In the first issue of the Valorant shooter series of posts, the developers said that Patch 1.02 provides an extremely necessary function when hope is lost during the match and you can just give up.

We all went through this. When your team lags behind 10 rounds, the enemy approaches the point of the match, and you just want to skip the lousy game. The delivery can be very useful to relieve headaches, especially when communication in the game becomes toxic.

someone can say that players need to just continue to perseverance in a discouraging match, but surrender also has more practical application. If a teammate should leave because of a real problem or suddenly refused the game, without saying a word, it is good to be able to complete an unnecessary match and go to another.

Riot does not share any details about the fact that How this function will work, but this can be read in the notes to the patch 1.02.

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