Valorant: Riot hardcore FPS will come out in the summer

The hardcore shooter, who was announced last year, under the temporary name "Project a" from Riot Games received the name Valorant and is preparing for the exit this summer. According to the developers, Valorant first will be sent for beta testing, and then the exact release date will become known.

"We are not going to report the exact date yet, because much will depend on what we learn from beta "Versions," says the developer. "If we have a very successful beta version, possibly in early summer. If we have any problems, perhaps in the late summer. " Where players fight in matches 5 to 5, which can last up to 24 rounds. The players will use the money earned in battle for the purchase of weapons and the special abilities of the character.

"Firing at Valorant is accurate, consistent and very deadly - we want you to win only thanks to your skills and strategies," the developers write.

Although parts of Valorant definitely seem derived from Other games, Riot counts on victory over fans due to the low performance of the server and hermetic antichite. The selected servers will work with a frequency of 128, which doubles the accuracy of the data transmitted between players and servers. Valorant was created from scratch to prevent scammers and hackers.

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