Vampire: The Masquarade - Bloodlines 2 is transferred to 2021

Today, the RPG Vampire: The Masquarade-Bloodlines 2 developer, reported that the game’s exit is tolerated in 2021. In general, the first release date was announced by March 2020, but later the developers suddenly changed their plans and transferred it to 4 quarter of 2020.

in the message on Twitter, there is no release date of the game in 2021, but, since the latter The renewal time was completely absent, then this statement was not unexpected. %2FVAMPIRE-THE-MASQURARADE-BLOODLODLINES-2-BEEN-DELAYED -into-2021%2F

"Our goal has always been to create the best game, immerse you in Seattle, rethought in the world Darkness, and create a worthy successor to the original Bloodlines game, "the statement said. "Due to the quality and ambition level we set, we made a difficult decision that we need more time. This means that our goal of the project output in 2020 is impossible. The transfer of the exit of the game is one of the changes that we make to ensure maximum convenience for the players. " will be busy talking about Cyberpunk 2077, so the best option to transfer the game to 2021.

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