Video gameplay of the twist in Hood: Outlaws & Legends

The latest Focus Home Interactive record in a series of MMO game videos on medieval robberies Hood: Outlaws & Legends shows the next class Brawler. Brawler is a close battle class armed with a sledgehammer and possessing almost superhuman force. Its wide, sweeping attacks and explosive grenades allow him to quickly cope with enemies, both in defense and in attack.

"Brawler (Ruster) is a person who exchanged his blacksmithing hammer for a sledgehammer , swearing to fight corruption that struck his country. Master of hand -to -hand combat, he succeeds in holding defensive lines, paving new ways for allies and, of course, in team battles. Its powerful weapons can make wide waves to cleanse groups of enemies, attacks over his head to instantly kill unarous targets, and a sprint attack, which knocks down the closest goals from the feet.

Brawler can also raise open lattices for allies, When the areas were blocked - this is ideal for escape from warned guards or to further punish the enemy team for caught. Explosive grenades carry even greater destruction that can destroy a group of elite knights, destroy a sniper hidden in a crow's nest, or destroy the sheriff.

his highest ability, anger, calls for the incredible rage of the twist to bring his physical forces to the limit to the limit , gaining increased strength and endless endurance in order to mercilessly pursue and defeat the goals. "

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is scheduled for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S May 10, 2021. Players who pre -ordered will be able to start playing 3 days earlier, May 7. Brawler is the third grade presented in the video series. Next week is the fourth and last video with Mystic, so follow the updates.

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