Voidtrain: Rub on your personal train through the portals

Voodtrain is a game that attracts interest based exclusively on the main concept. In the idea of ​​the game, you are part of the crew of the old train - in fact, it looks like a simple trolleybus, although you will improve and expand it during the game - but the rails you are going, inter -spatial, pass through portals similar to star gates. A strange world filled with all kinds of strange and dangerous creatures. And many of them, it seems, are not happy to see you here.

According to the description of the game in Steam, this is a game of survival in which a group of mechanics of the old train falls into a unique world, in which completely different physical rules apply. Most of the path depends on how the train is modernized: you can improve it using additional wagons, update the engine or improve its protection.

The further it improves, the faster it moves and the more difficult the trip becomes. Because of this, each trip promises to be unique: "Every time you lay a new path, new lands are opened and a new train is being built."

The game’s exit is scheduled for the fall of 2020.

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